Be CAREFUL What You Wish For, Because You Might Get It!

Always, be CAREFUL, and fully – consider, what you wish for, because, you might get/ achieve it, and might not like the results, ramifications, etc! After, over four decades of giving hundreds of personal development/ self – help, seminars, training programs, and meeting, etc, I have come to realize, it is essential to make one’s decisions and plans, wisely, and carefully, based on what’s best for you, your goals, and personal aspirations, instead of, what others might want or desire! Unfortunately, since, doing so, often, takes much more time, effort, endurance, persistence, commitment, etc, and means, expanding the self – imposed limitations of your personal comfort zone, and proceeding, demanding your utmost degree fo personal excellence, instead of merely, settling for, merely, good – enough, many people opt – for, what they believe to be, a path, of least resistance, instead! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Character; comfort zone; consider; complete; compelling: Start the objective, introspective, thought – process, by performing a thorough, check – up, from the neck – up, in order to determine, your true, quality of character! Take a complete – look, and do not let your comfort zone, get in the way, of well – considered, timely actions, etc! How compelling, inspiring, and personally, motivating, are your wishes, to your fulfillment, etc?

2. Attitude; attention; aspects; actions: Proceed, consistently, with a true, realistic, positive, can – do, attitude, paying, keen attention to all the relevant aspects! Be prepared to take personally – wise actions, sooner, rather than later!

3. Ramifications; responsive/ responsible; realistic; rationale: Why do you have your rationale, and reasoning? How responsive is it, to your happiness, and is it responsible, because it considers, potential ramifications, and contingencies? Avoid mistaking, a positive attitude, with, wearing, rose – colored glasses, and be realistic, but positive, in your goals, etc!

4. Excellence; enrich; efforts: Avoid believing, the same – old, same – old, is the best way, forward, but, rather, consistently, demand your utmost degree of genuine, personal excellence. How would your efforts, enrich your existence, in the present, and in the longer – run?

5. Future; faithful; face facts; fate: Be faithful to the highest quality, principles, and face the facts, to ensure your finest future! In most cases, your fate, is, up – to – you!

6. Usual/ unusual; useful; unique; urgent: Fully consider, both the usual, as well as unusual, possibilities, and determine, the most useful way, to proceed! What seems most urgent, and why? What are your unique attributes, aspects, needs, goals, priorities, perceptions, wishes, and desires, and why?

7. Listen/ learn/ lessons; leading: Effectively, listen and learn, from every conversation, and experience, and become the best – you – can – be! These lessons, will determine, whether you are leading yourself, towards the best paths, or if the are better, viable options, and solutions!

Wishing for the best, is great, but only makes a true difference, when/ if, you are CAREFUL, what you hope for! It’s up to you, to either, become your best friend, or worst enemy!